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Brochure designer, flash Brochure designing, animated Brochure designing, product Brochure designing company
Brochure designer, flash Brochure designing, animated Brochure designing, product Brochure designing company

Brochure Designing

A Brochure can be your company's best friend. It can augment existing sales materials, or it can tell the whole story by itself. Clearly one of the most important functions of a Brochure is to attract attention! Brochures may focus upon a specific aspect of your company, or may provide an overview or additional information to a customer already aware of your company.

Brochures are also another cornerstone to most businesses. While your website is your online brochure, it is still important to have an offline brochure for your walk in customers, sales people or to leave around town in order to create brand/product awareness.

Two important functions a brochure design should stimulate are:

  • A call to action, by the customer.
  • Leave the customer wanting more, in a sense, teasing the pallet with an appetizer of even better things to come.

We design many types of brochures including gate fold, tri-fold, quad-fold, die cut, z-fold, Jedi-fold or even bi-fold. Most of our brochure design packages include full color design, printing and shipping to your location all for one flat rate. Brochures are one of the most cost effective printed marketing items available.

To achieve these ends, a brochure should be professional, that your customers will take your business seriously. And, it should reinforce your marketing message effectively. With all these factors in mind, we can design a Brochure that achieves all of these ideas, quickly and cost effectively.

Online Brochure or e-Brochure Design:

These days more and more businesses are finding virtual real estate on the Internet, and expanding their market base. However, because of commonly used products such as Adobe Acrobat, a brochure can be just as effective to your customers. To assist with this, each brochure we design is converted into a PDF document that you can host on your website or email to prospective customers. In addition, we can convert any of your current existing brochures into e-brochures. This gives you even more flexibility in reaching a broader audience, combined with the cost savings associated with print and postage.

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