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Email Marketing, Mass Mailer,Bulk, Mailing IT company company Hidden Web Solutions
Email Marketing, Mass Mailer,Bulk, Mailing IT company company Hidden Web Solutions

Email Marketing

Those days are gone when you send bulk emails from hotmail, Gmail or any other mail server. If you are a business owner and you want to send frequent email updates to a growing email list then it is best service that you have to set up your accounts through our email marketing services. Email marketing presents more opportunities for your business and drives a better return on investment. With email marketing, your business can create deeper relationships with a wider audience at a fraction of the cost of traditional media.

Hidden Web Solutions is a leading IT company who provides you Mass Mailing Software to make a easily communication with your clients or make your business as brand ambassador for customers

Thinking of using email marketing to promote your next product or service ?

We have created this cheat sheet to get you up to speed on the benefits of email marketing fast:

  • Saves You Money – Using email marketing technologies to send communications to your customers can save a fortune, the average price of send an email is 1 pence. Compared to sending a letter by traditional methods this costs less than a sheet of paper!
  • Saves You Time – An email marketing system will offer you the ability to build, test and schedule a delivery from your web browser, no printing costs or packing of envelopes. Another great feature is the ability to save campaigns, and re-use them at anytime with the click of a button.
  • Complete Automation – Delivery automation adds many benefits, the two key features to focus on are; scheduling deliveries days or weeks in advance creating a true ‘set and forget’ workflow, and automated email list management which makes sure that any new contacts are sent your communication even if they sign-up between when the campaign was scheduled and the date of delivery.
  • Instant Response – Customers expect the web to be instant, information is delivered at any time of day or night. With instant response technology your customers can receive your newsletter or product promotions as soon as they sign-up to your list, improving the chances of making a sale at the point of purchase desire.
  • Customer Segmentation – As customers sign-up to your communications why not ask their preferences, split your customers into targeted groups, focus campaigns on individual targeted lists to maximize sales.
  • Regular Communication – Use email marketing to educate or inspire your potential customers. With newsletters or your latest blog posts, regular communications will keep your products and services fresh in your customers minds.
  • Reduced Overheads – Traditional methods of promotion required print companies, minimum order amounts, staff to pack and send materials to potential customers and somewhere to store these materials if and when they are sent out. Using email removes all of these overheads, with no physical costs at all.
  • Going Viral! – Using social media and popular sharing services your email marketing campaigns can spread beyond your customer list. Special offers and promotions encourage recipients to share information at no extra cost to you.
  • Trackable Results – Email marketing suites have one feature that traditional marketing departments only dream of – the ability to see what a customer did once they received your communication. From whether you customer opened the email to which link they clicked on and which product they purchased. Tracking gives you the power to see the success of your marketing efforts overnight, used with promotions and offers you will get a complete picture of your customers likes and dislikes.
  • Follow-up, Follow-up, Follow-up – This is often missed by first time email marketeers, the power of the follow-up email. Your customer purchased an item from your online shop…. send them a follow-up email with related products or ask them what they thought of the service they received. By sending a follow-up email whenever a customer interacts with your web site they feel they are receiving one-to-one customer service.

Although you may be new to email marketing there are some important points to remember when sending communications to customers that have trusted you with their email address:

  • Always ask permission (opt-in) before adding an individuals email address to your marketing lists.
  • Always provide a link to unsubscribe from future email marketing campaigns in every email you send.
  • Always show who you are and the company / web site you represent in every email, this generates trust with your subscribers.
  • If a customer or contact asks to be removed from future marketing materials remove them ASAP.
  • Never send the same campaign more than three times to the same customer; doing so may get you flagged as a spammer.
  • Never share or sell customer or contact email addresses with anyone.

Why Hidden Web Solutions As Your Email Marketing Partner?

The primary focus of hidden web solutions is building a true relationship with our clients by engaging ourselves in their projects as it’s ours. We are providing better inputs to our esteemed clients bases on our rich experience rather than do coding. We can understand all of your business needs and their importance and we doesn’t want you lose your confidence and trust from us

Have An Idea?

If you have any concept than shared with us and we will guide you how your idea can convert into a real app with our rich experience so that you can realize your dream into reality. Our expert developing team completely helps you to make your dreams true. Do you have a idea in your mind? Feel free to share your idea and get your app developed. Get instant Quote.

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